Our School

Bluff Point Primary School is a Level 5 school situated in the regional city of Greater Geraldton. The school gained Independent Public School (IPS) status beginning 2015, bringing to the school a fresh outlook and new opportunities for the future.

Bluff Point Primary School has a rich history, celebrating its 100th anniversary in October 2013. Moving to its current site in the 1960’s, it now comprises a mixture of older and newer buildings with purpose-built Early Childhood, Science, Visual Art and Music Rooms. The school is also fortunate to host on site the Midwest Aboriginal Education Team, Visiting Teachers for the Deaf, School Psychologist, Chaplain and Child Dental Health Clinic.

We pride ourselves on our collaborative, multicultural and inclusive environment. Our students are drawn from a wide range of cultural and social backgrounds which creates a diverse student population, providing opportunities to develop an understanding and appreciation of other cultures. A number of students with physical and learning disabilities are fully integrated into the school.  They are supported by Education Assistants employed to cater for their varying needs and by the general school community.The school seeks to provide an educational program that caters for a broad spectrum of abilities, needs and interests of students and to have strong links with parents and the local community.

Students attending the school are characteristically from the suburbs of Bluff Point, Spalding, Beresford and the coastal corridor. Some families have gained boundary exemptions for children residing in other suburbs to allow them to access Bluff Point Primary School.

Our vision of supporting Lifelong Learning for our students is built upon the foundation of six core values: Self Discipline, Teamwork, Respect, Integrity, Vigour and Empathy (STRIVE). There is a strong ethos of academic excellence and striving for the highest amongst the students and staff.


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