Arrival At School
Students are to arrive at school between 8.30am and 8.50am, with the exception of bus students who are supervised. Students will be supervised in the Hall until released at 8.30am. Playground supervision starts at 8.30am, so please don’t arrive before this time. It is parents’ responsibility to make sure your children arrive in time to prepare for the day and be settled before lessons start. All equipment is out of bounds before and after school as there is no staff supervision.

Student Absences
Students must attend every day unless they are ill or have reasonable cause. Attendance is compulsory and every absence must be explained in writing or verbal information by parents or caregivers. If a child is absent without explanation, a note will be sent home. Please advise your child’s teacher of any illness or injury that is likely to result in an absence. Kindergarten students, once enrolled, need to attend every day and also have absences explained verbally or in writing.

You are able to communicate with the school by using the MGM School Star app. The app allows you to send through your child’s absence without having to phone or send an absence note into the school. simply download the free app from your app store. 


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Leaving School Grounds
Students are not permitted to leave the school grounds for lunch without written permission of their parent/caregiver. For Students going home for lunch, on a regular basis, one note for the year will suffice. Please collect a pass from the office prior to leaving the school grounds.

Picking Up Students During School Hours
Students can only leave the school during lesson times for unavoidable appointments. Anyone picking a student up MUST sign them out at the Office first and take an authorisation slip to the teacher. NO students can be released from class without this authorisation slip.

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