Independent Public Schools (IPS)

Bluff Point Primary School was awarded Independent Public School (IPS) status in 2015.

The award winning Independent Public Schools initiative is revolutionising the way public schools operate in Western Australia. It recognises that schools are best placed to make the best decisions for their students in consultation with their communities.

Launched in 2009, the Independent Public Schools initiative is a State Government commitment to empower school communities by giving them greater capacity to shape the ethos, priorities and directions of their schools.

Independent Public Schools assume greater responsibility for their own affairs and have greater flexibility to respond to their communities. They create more diversity in the public school system and help build strong communities that are more able to respond to the needs of students.

An Evaluation of Independent Public Schools by The University of Melbourne found that the story of the Independent Public School initiative is characterised by choice, energy, motivation, innovation and engagement. Independent Public Schools are also creating strong foundations for future improvement in student achievement.

There are now 441 Independent Public Schools. That means about 70 per cent of students and teachers in Western Australia will be learning and teaching in Independent Public Schools.

It’s all part of being at the forefront of innovation in education so every child in every school achieves their potential.

(IPS information from


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