Parent Information

Everything you need to know about our wonderful school is located in our school information booklet. Please click on the link below to view it.

2016 BPPS_School Information Booklet new cover


The State Government and the Department of Education permit the school to seek payment of Contributions for each student enrolled at the school. While the Contribution is only a small amount, it does provide the school with funds to purchase equipment which is valuable in the education of students enrolled at the school. A pre paid contributions scheme that enables parents to pay all contributions and charges (excursions etc) operates at the school. Please enquire at the Administration Office.

Prompt payment of the Contribution will be greatly appreciated. Payment envelopes will be distributed in Week 3, Term 1 – February 2016

School Contribution:

1 child $35.00

2 children $70.00

3 or more students $85.00 per family 3 or more $85.00

P&C Contribution  $1.00

EFTPOS, Bankcard, Visa & MasterCard facilities are available for payment of contributions and charges

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